Business Visas

A business visa is for foreign nationals who wish to conduct business in India or conduct negotiations with an Indian company. A business visa is very different from an employment visa, which is issued to an individual sponsored by a company in India. A business immigration visa allows for a businessperson to participate in legitimate meetings, conferences, seminars, and negotiations in order to promote a specific product or service. However, it should not be confused with an Employment Visa.

Business visas are issued by government bodies to individuals who wish to conduct business in another country. The application process is simple and requires proof of expertise. Some countries require a valid passport and others require that a re-entry permit be obtained as well. The process is complicated, but can be completed in less than a day. Most visa consultation services will also handle your hotel reservations. You can contact them for a free consultation over email to find out more about the procedures and requirements.

Work migration A business visa is granted to an individual for a minimum of a month and a maximum of five years. A valid passport and re-entry permit are required. A business visa has a validity period that begins on the date of its issuance, and does not begin on the date of the first entry. The Ministry of Home Affairs grants the first validity extension of a business visa. A subsequent extension is processed by the relevant State Government on a year-by-year basis.

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