Interactive buttons of WhatsApp Business API Helps Simplifying Customer Journeys

A host of online journeys starts with a button. It can trigger a product search, confirm a purchase, click through to view a special deal, and so on. Interactive buttons are used extensively online to aid customers in navigating every step of their journey with more ease and swiftness. This is why WhatsApp has introduced interactive buttons to use within the Whatsapp business API. These interactive buttons make customer interactions fast and frictionless. By deploying buttons at the right stage of the purchasing/support process through WhatsApp, your company can make sure that your customers are able to access fast, clear information in moments, as well as have their questions answered quickly. Usage of Whatsapp chatbot and interactive buttons can go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction.

Interactive buttons of WhatsApp are meant to reduce friction by simplifying conversational flows and making it easier to identify any bottlenecks in the ordering process. They can smartly be spotted and then modified to create a ‘path of least resistance’ for the customer. Such a system leads to faster processing of customer queries and delivers better results for the bottom line of a brand.

Eradicating mistakes

As you deploy interactive buttons via Whatsapp API, your customers would no longer type in their response, no matter whether it is a word, a number or a full sentence. Rather they just need to press on the option they want. This system is fast and easy, and ensures no margin for error like mistyping, which can throw an automated conversation into disarray and may even send the customer back to the start of their conversation.

Defining a path

Interactive buttons are helpful in directing the customers along a predefined path for complex journeys. They can be used in the process of placing an order, tracking a package, viewing product instructions and more. These buttons offer simplified and clear instructions that leave no room for confusion and create rewarding customer experiences.

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