ShirinValizadeh Interview

ShirinValizadeh Interview

Interview with Dr.ShirinValizadeh

  1. Hello; Please introduce yourself and tell us about your background.

My name is ShirinValizadeh. I studied bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of psychology of exceptional children and completed the doctorate in educational psychology of AllamehTabatabaiUniversity in 1401.

During these years, I worked in the field of children and adolescents and adult personality disorders and tried to help clients in the areas of hyperactivity, autism, depression, obsession, etc.

I am also an official member of the Psychology System Organization, the Iranian Association of Psychologists, the Iranian Education Association and the APA American Association.

  1. We know that you are also active in other fields, I would appreciate it if you could talk about them as well

Sports and music are activities that have always been part of my life plan and I recommended them to everyone.

My sports field is swimming and tennis, and winter sports are skiing.

My artistic works are in the field of Hangram music, harmonica and piano, and I also work in oil painting.

In addition, I cooperate with several charity centers in supporting abused and orphaned children in line with specialized and financial services in the deprived areas of the country.

  1. Tell us a little more about your activities in the field of music.

The peace in the music was different for me who was hyperactive.

I worked with different musical instruments, and the harmonica, piano, and hengram became my main music, which have been with me until today.

In addition, I have produced 4 wordless songs called: Love, Feeling Good, Hope and Life, which have been published on international digital platforms such as: YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

  1. Please explain about the topics that you have worked on in the field of psychology and what problem it solves in the society.

One of my works, which was also the subject of my PhD thesis and was done in the form of designing an educational package, was to use the choice theory technique to deal with high-risk behaviors of teenagers.

In this educational package, we focus on high-risk behaviors of teenagers such as: violence and aggression, smoking, sexual behaviors, etc., and this package has been able to have an effect on these behaviors.

Two scientific research articles and three books have been worked on and edited in this field.

Currently, my goal is to influence the society on improving and reducing risky behaviors so that each person can have a healthy relationship with her companion, colleague and companion.

  1. In general, how necessary is the use of psychological services for people?

All of our lives are full of big and small challenges that must be faced.

The loss of loved ones, career and academic failures, divorce or serious illnesses can make us confused, affect our mental life and disturb our mental balance.

In any case, we need the help and support of those around us to deal with them, and using an expert seems to be a smarter way.

Of course, counseling is not just about treating or finding a solution to a problem.

Of course, counseling is not just about treating or finding a solution to a problem.

One of the main goals of counseling is prevention. Some of our wrong behaviors have consequences. To prevent the occurrence of these consequences, which sometimes turn into big problems in a person’s life, you can take help from psychological knowledge.

In addition, success in life requires skills. You know people who simply remove problems and obstacles from their path with a few words.


What the ancients call snake bead is one of these skills. Self-confidence, self-esteem, correct decision-making, problem solving, etc. are among the important life skills to achieve success, and a lot of psychological research has been done about them.

The psychologist provides you with correct and practical solutions for making wise decisions and informs you about the consequences of wrong choices and decisions

  1. How should people distinguish the difference between a good and a fake psychologist?

To answer this question, it is better to first mention the characteristics of a good consultant.

listening ear

You may know people among your friends that you would like to talk to. They listen to you carefully and make you feel better. But unfortunately, not everyone has such friends. In addition, if your problem is more than a simple heartache, your friend may not be able to provide you with the best solution.


Not everyone has experienced your life’s problems to “sympathize” with you, but a psychologist has learned how to empathize with you. He puts himself in your place and tries to understand your feelings. Due to the experience of the counselor and psychologist, he can accept the conditions easier for anyone to understand.A good psychologist doesn’t judge you. You may have a friend with this feature but we suggest you don’t rush and read the article till the


When you feel intimate, you reveal parts of your private life. There is always the fear that your secret will be revealed by your friends or relatives or they will use it against you. The psychologist is your confidant.


The knowledge of psychology helps the counselor to identify the root of your problems and provide you with the best solution to deal with it.Problems are repeated in your life. You face the same problem in relationships with most of the people around you, in the workplace, education, and family. A good psychologist can identify the root of the problem and help you solve the problems in a scientific and step-by-step manner.

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